Job vacancy

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  • How to apply

    1. Please send your resume to
    2. Or send your resume to FEMCO 60080 752, Zhong Xiao Road, Chiayi City, Human Resources Department
  • Each factory recruitment window

    1. FEMCO – Miss Chen +886-5-2766171 ext 2814
    2. Femco Steel Technology (FST) – Miss Chen +886-5-2212555 ext 2115
    3. FATEK Automation Technology Co.,Ltd – Miss Qiu +886-5-2133166 ext. 2405

  • Description

    We will take the initiative to contact the appropriate candidates and arrange interview opportunities, if you send biographical information within two weeks without any notice, there may not be suitable for your job vacancies, your information is stored in the company Talent database, we will contact you again if there is a vacancy for you in the future。