Mr. Zhuang Guohui, chairman

Sixty years old, to a person, is a mature and brilliant age. Six decades, in terms of Far East machinery, it is also to show style, reviewing the past and the moment of review. Sixty years is another starting point for the Far East。

Following the efforts of my father, Mr. Chuang Chun-ming, and his brother, Mr. Chong Kwok-ching, I took over the position of Chairman of Far East Machinery in 1999. At that time, I just met the stage of transformation of the industrial type in Taiwan. However, Slow and some operational crisis. Fortunately, after all these 10 years of joint efforts, the company’s operation has been gradually stabilized and out of the operational difficulties. For a long time, the Far East has always been based on technology innovation research and development for the purpose of the Taiwan Machinery Association held in Taipei International Machine Tool Show R & D innovation competition in 2007 and 2009 we have received innovative research and development award, but We can not meet the current situation。

A company’s success factors, in addition to innovation, but also includes the quality, delivery, price, brand image, after-sales service and other important aspects, these still need everyone to work harder, go all out, for example, although we have been the steel sector has been The continuous development of more unique special products (such as tube makers and large square tubes), but the concept of business innovation is not enough, such as the early thread because of the lack of marketing, so the market is gradually shrinking, but this is not a reduction in market demand, and It is caused by our poor sales. Today, starting from the fourth quarter of last year, despite the downturn in the financial turmoil, our steel pipe department has been able to maintain its growth up to now due to the business of screw pipe。

I think so many competitors in today’s shopping malls are making progress. It is not that easy to emerge. There must be good management and marketing capabilities, and more importantly, lower costs so that we have the chance to win good results, but I must Reiterate that reducing costs is definitely not to reduce the quality. Now the business model is very different from the past, in my father’s age, because fewer competitors, as long as the good quality of the goods, the guests will naturally find their own way; nowadays different, not only focus on technology research and development, but also must include the overall Image packaging, after-sales service … and so on, with the guests have closer contact and service, will have more business opportunities. Far East Machinery from the business so far six decades, has experienced a variety of turmoil, including the current financial crisis, but also test the ability of enterprises to operate。

During these trials and tribulations, the Far East has learned from it and made progress in the light of changes in the environment. It is believed that after the 60th anniversary, the Far East will become more mature and robust under our common efforts. As diamonds are tempered, they will be distributed more Shining light, eternal and bright。