KBS metal shaft Taiwan proud

Kai-Kun Zhuang Yulong, vice president of science and technology to accept Wei to sports live interview

Kai KUN KBS iron tube products in all competitions to show off the edge, who use KBS players can get more success. By KBS own brand into the tournament level market, Kai-kun technology fame, now is the iron shaft market share of second-tier companies.

Recently, the “HOPE Golf Weekly” unit in Taiwan’s Weh Lai Sports Center produced the theme of “KBS Metal Prism Taiwan Pride” and visited Qun Yulong, deputy general manager of Kaikun Technology. It described how Kai-kun Technology went all the way from the general OEM Foundry transformation into a high-end iron shaft brand manufacturers process.
Chuang Yulong, deputy general manager of Qikun Technology, said in an interview that the reason for the decision to shift to own-brand production is to try to get rid of the low-cost foundry burden while avoiding the loss of market competitiveness and decided to launch it three years ago at this opportunity Own brand KBS, to seize the high-end iron shaft market share.

KBS’s success, thanks to Zhuang Yulong eye unique innovative marketing model. On the one hand, Kaikun Technology Co., Ltd. enlisted well-known designers from the United States as design consultants, and on the other hand, Taiwan is responsible for research and development of production and production, and then handed over to the PGA Tour players try and give the proposed cooperation. With this unique marketing model that first takes the consumer as the target group at the top of the market pyramid, then the next to influence and attract other consumers and vendors to purchase it, KBS shafts enter the assembly of players and clubs at an alarming rate Market, quickly captured the hearts of manufacturers and players, a new winner of the metal shaft market loudly.

Kai-kun technology into the international market irresistibly, more KBS brand story will be revealed in the film meticulous.